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Replacement prius battery can be repaired for a fraction of the cost in a matter of hours! Don’t buy a replacement!!! If you want to save up to $5,000 on your replacement prius battery you need to read this.


You have two choices when your Prius Battery Dies…

#1.  In most cases pay between $2,500 to $5,000 for a new battery.

#2. You can fix this problem yourself for anywhere between $200 to $400.


Whats the difference between your replacement prius battery, and a rebuilt prius battery?

When you rebuild a prius battery yourself, you will be spending far less, but will the battery be as good? The answer is yes and no. It depends, every battery is different. When you replace your prius battery cores, you will be eliminating the core pieces that do not hold a charge any more. This usually happens after around 8 years. So as long as you replace the faulty cores you will have a good battery again for years to come.

 So essentially, you could end up spending $400 on a rebuilt battery and have the same odds as if you rebuild it yourself, so why not? Well, maybe you have heard that it is dangerous, or to difficult and that you need a professional? Well, I purchase Toyota Prius’ with bad batteries for a living because of the fear some people have about the cost of a new battery. Thats where I make my money, by rebuilding a prius battery, I get the whole car! 


How can YOU rebuild your prius or hybrid batter, and save your car and money? Check out my get link rapidshare for more information, I will walk you through it:

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