2 Top Ways To Improve Your Golf Swing

So you want to improve your swing and play better Golf?
Here are 2 top ideas you can start working on today to give you the best golf swing.

#1 – Head Position

One of the most basic steps that you can immediately put into action to see an improvement to your swing, is to keep your head still and look directly at the ball. The position of your head should be kept in line with your spine, and your nose should be raised up a little so that when you start your swing, your left shoulder will slide under your chin. Too many players tuck their head down onto their chest, as they try to keep their head still while looking straight at the ball.

If you are one of the many that experience difficulty keeping your head straight and your eye on the ball, you could try this exercise:

As you approach the ball, assume your normal stance with your feet and knees in position, but keeping your head and back straight, then bend forward slightly at the waist, and look straight at your ball. If you now try to take a swing in this position, your left shoulder will probably hit your chin!
While keeping your eyes on your ball, raise your head slowly until your left shoulder fits comfortably under your chin. Concentrate on making sure that your head does not move from side to side, by keeping your eyes fixed on your ball. Slowly move through the backswing and downswing parts of your golf swing, but do not hit the ball or do the follow through.
Practice just this part of your golf swing with your focus on keeping your head nice and straight, and your eyes on your ball.

Repeat this exercise in your backyard for up to 25 times in a row and then take a break and relax, before starting again. Make corrections to your head and body position as are needed to ensure that you keep your eyes straight on the ball and to keep your left shoulder from hitting your chin. Regular practice of this technique will give your body the required ‘muscle memory’ to hit the best position you need every time to perform the movement correctly without having to think about it. Remember that top athletes, train and train again simply to place their bodies in the correct stance and position to execute the movements and positioning required for their particular sport. You are doing the same thing in training your body to keep your head straight and acheiving a better golf swing.

#2 – Relax!

Another simple way of improving your golf swing is simply to relax. OK, so it’s easier said then done, particularly as you get ready to deliver your best power drive in front of your boss, or worse still, your golfing buddies who are never going to let you forget it if you mess this one up. However, taking a couple of seconds to just relax your muscles will help you to acheive that all important balance that is important to attaining that better golf swing. Regardless of which clubs you use, it’s your balance that is the primary foundation of your golf swing, and the best way to perfect a good balance is to practice. A simple way to improve your balance, is to assume the address position with your club, relax, and try holding the position for 30 seconds or so.

Now think about your stance:
Do you feel that you have your weight more on one foot than the other?
Does one part of your body feel more tense then another?

If you can keep your head straight and maintain your balance, then you are on your way to a great golf swing. These exercises we have suggested are just two ways that you can train to improve that golf swing. You can do either one separately, or better still, combine the two into a quick simple backyard exercise. Improving your golf swing takes time and practice, but the time and effort spent now on improving your swing will pay off in the future. Regular practice, will enable you to slip into the correct address position and perform your most effortless, most powerful golf swing and, of course, impress those golf buddies!